Friday, March 26, 2010

According to composer Adrienne Albert, "Musescapes had its beginnings in 2005 when I received a commission from Carol S. Gee to write a work for her amateur piano trio. At the time, I was listening to a lot of the music of Astor Piazzolla and thought it would be great fun to write a three movement work with roots in North American jazz and South American tango music. During the composing of this work, my mother passed away. She was a professional violinist and often played chamber music in our home when I was a child. For My Mother (2009), the second movement of Musescapes became an homage to her. It is a loving, melancholy, melodic work." Watch a performance of For My Mother by the Newstead Trio . . . one of this week's FEATURED NEW MUSIC VIDEOS.

The title of Elliott Carter’s Au Quai (2002) was suggested by Arnold Schoenberg’s short story To the Wharfs in which he describes the mounting anxiety of the members of a French fishing village as the boats and the sea-bound fisherman failed to appear after a storm and several days’ absence. When they were suddenly sighted all shouted "to the wharfs, aux quais, O.K." Hear the London Sinfonietta perform Au Quai . . . this week’s PYTHEAS EARFUL.

The London Wireless Soundscape Project aims to broadcast simultaneous "live" soundscapes from various locations around London. This is made possible using laptops to stream audio over the internet using 'Wifi' networking. The 'streamed' audio is then broadcast on Resonance 104.4 FM in central London. Using free internet access points around London LWSP broadcasts from different locations every fortnight. Their first show was broadcast from the heart of London with Leicester Square and Covent Garden on 5th October 2003. They have broadcast from the Hackney Road, Paddington Station, Greenwich Naval College, Greek St and a multicast from Picadilly Circus. A recent show featured hydrophones submerged in the River Thames and Camden Lock . . . check this all out at our current FEATURED NEW MUSIC WEBSITE.

Libby Larsen Cowboy Songs (1979) . . . this week's FROM THE PYTHEAS ARCHIVES.

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