Friday, August 14, 2009

With his Fantasia bética (1919) ("bética" refering to the region in the south of Spain that the Romans called Baetica, now known as Andalusia), Manuel de Falla brought the classical world to new territory – Spanish modernism, which Falla seems to have invented. There's an obvious debt to the Stravinsky's Rite of Spring, but Falla does not imitate so much as melt down and recast. And much like Stravinsky, he penetrates to the primitive heart of his culture. In Fantasia bética Falla depicts the three essential components of Flamenco art: singing, dancing and the hand clap. Hear it now ... one of this week's FEATURED NEW MUSIC VIDEOS.

The American Classical Music Hall of Fame is a non-profit organization devoted to celebrating the past, present and future of American classical music. Located in the historic Herschede building in downtown Cincinnati on Fourth Street, the 9,000 square-foot facility contains a variety of engaging displays. The first floor houses biographical plaques highlighting the lives and accomplishment of each inductee. In addition, the facility also includes an art gallery and areas for temporary exhibits and performances - it's this week's FEATURED NEW MUSIC WEBSITE.

Lee Actor's music is filled with rhythmic drive and shows the composer’s superb ear for orchestral color. His Horn Concerto (2007) won first prize in the 2007 International Horn Society Composition Contest. Hear Actor’s beautiful Horn Concerto ... our second NEW MUSIC VIDEO for this week at Pytheas.

Check out the performance of Mitchell Peters' Yellow After the Rain (1999) - one of our Fun/Cool/Great New Music Videos! ... and this week's FROM THE PYTHEAS ARCHIVE.

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